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- The Ram Air Project, 2010 -

Times are tight, budgets are tighter. Creativity is our best answer right now if we still want to win. .....AND WE STILL WANT TO WIN !!!!

Our idea is very basic, get more air to the motor. But unlike some of the over-the-counter mods made for Superdukes, we are not only looking to get more air to the motor, we are looking to FORCE more air down it's gullett. Which brings us to The Ram Air Project.


Our plan is to completely eliminate the original top of the airbox, and air filter. We will (have already) build sides from the base of the box up and around the top frame rails. On top of this will go, just like it always has, the fuel tank. Only now the fuel tank will act as the new top of the airbox. We had to re-position some of the electrics up front but once we did, we were also able to enlarge the front of the new airbox to all the way up to the stearing head. Next we will (have already) fabricate two airducts (one on either side of the front of the tank). These will feed (pressurize) the new larger airbox. I will take more photos tomorow and post them here. Until then, feast your eyes on more behind the scenes hp producing (hopefully) progress!

Here are a few more pics (Thanks Chris for getting me off my ass). FYI, the ram-air idea definitely works. For sure the bike is much faster. Stay tuned for dyno work in the near future (one week). Here is one problem though - air filter. What you see here was my hair brained idea. Didn't work. After day one there was no screen left on either intake. All got sucked into the motor. Nice right? We put all this crap on to make sure NOTHING would get sucked into the intakes. And we see what happened. EVERYTHING got sucked into the intakes... We are working on a better solution for an air filter which will filter, but not strangle. Sorry, as of yet I do not have a photo of the bike and intakes together. Our first weekend was pretty busy and we had no one there (except for me) who knows how to work a camera..

More within the week!

Superduke ram air

Superduke air box modification




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